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The Evil Within (PS4)


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First Impression: Just in time for Halloween comes The Evil Within, a game that is very atmospheric and appropriate for the haunting season.  So far I have only played just over 2 hours of the game and it is damn unsettling.  And kind of hard since I suck at games.  I think I’ve died about a dozen times already but it’s still fun.  It puts you on edge kind of like The Last of Us put you on edge as you are trying to sneak around enemies or stealthily kill them.  Stealth is defiantly your friend in The Evil Within because the monsters or whatever they are, are frickin’ hard to kill.  But not as hard to kill as the Chapter 3 boss to get the chainsaw and advance the story.  Pissing me off!




Final Thoughts:  So far The Evil Within is creepy, bloody and fun.  For a gamer like myself (not so great) it is offering frustration and difficulty but I’m going to keep going and hopefully will make it to the final chapter.


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