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American Horror Story Coven: Head

AHS Coven


Queenie gets head, Hank loses his, Myrtle Snow might be unstable, Cordelia gets some new eyes, Nan bonds with her beau’s crazy mother, Fiona gets a new guard dog and the voodoo queen gets a wakeup call.


We start out the episode in 1991 as a 13ish year old Hank and his Daddy are in the woods hunting… witches.  Hank fails to shoot a witch pleading for her life and ends up getting his Daddy injured.  Fast forward to 2013 and we see that Hank’s father is the head of a corporation that has a legitimate front and behind scenes is actually an order of witch hunters.  Daddy is not pleased that Hank has aligned with the voodoos and that he hasn’t killed the witches.  He’s not the only one.  Marie Laveau makes a bloody and painful threat to Hank, using a voodoo doll on him and telling him to take out the coven.  It is also revealed that it was this witch hunting organization, Delphi that blinded Cordelia, further upsetting Hank and making it difficult for him to follow orders.


The olive branch was offered to Marie Laveau as Fiona returns Delphine’s head to the voodoo queen and asks to form an alliance against the witch hunters.  Of course, Marie has aligned with Hank and laughs Fiona out of the shop, ordering Queenie to burn Delphine’s head.  Instead she sets the head up in her room and forces it to watch Roots with the hopes that Delphine will feel remorse for what she did to her slaves.  It finally works when Queenie puts on music that makes Delphine cry (at least I think that’s why she’s crying).


Elsewhere, Nan is at the hospital when Zoe and Madison show up and help her see Luke, who is in a coma after being shot in the head by Hank last week.  His Mother had refused to let Nan see him (remember she was resurrected by Misty) until Nan starts talking on Luke’s behalf and then they are friends.  Until Nan reveals that God told Luke, that his mother killed his father.  Nan is banished and after Luke wakes up crying about his father, his Mother smothers him.  Bitch, that’s Nan man.


Speaking of murder.  Cordelia is struggling with trying to do things for herself but Mommy Myrtle is there to help her little bird.  She invites the council members to the academy in the spirit of putting their betrayal in the past but Myrtle is defiantly not all there as she takes an eye from each of the council and puts them in Cordelia, restoring her eyesight and taking away her second sight.  And what of the council?  Myrtle butchered them and boiled the pieces in acid, after making the legs do a little dance.  Fiona is surprised that Myrtle had the juice to give Delia her eyes back but Myrtle tells her that being burned alive was empowering and she learned many things from the flames.


Fiona finally finds out that Kyle is staying at the academy.  She has a run in with Hank, whom Delia has kicked out of the house, and introduces him to the coven’s new guard dog (I swear her name was Endora).  There is a great line where Fiona asks him if he knows why she picked a female guard dog and Hank replies: Because bitches stick together (paraphrasing).  Anyway, Hank leaves and the dog starts scratching at Zoe and Madison’s door and when Fiona lets her in, there is Kyle and there is Kyle killing the dog.  Fiona’s solution, restore some of Kyle’s cognitive abilities, he is still not all there, and use him with his weird strength to be the new guard dog; finally, a reason for him to be there.  Elsewhere Delia and Misty Day are bonding over herbs and there is a moment when Misty tells her that she is a good leader.  Cordelia quickly rebukes, saying Fiona is the head of the coven.


And here we are.  The final scene of the episode for the year; AHS is going on hiatus until January 8 and damn it, they left it off well.  Following his expulsion from Delia’s life and her home, Hank is ready to go all commando and take out some witches.  Sort of.  I really did think he was going after the coven but I think he loves Delia too much, and goes after the voodoos instead, killing many of Marie’s people, wounding Queenie and is just about to kill the voodoo queen when Queenie shoots herself in the head while looking at Hank, killing him.  A knock on the coven door wakens Fiona in the middle of the night and it is a sheepish, hurt looking Marie Laveau.

Final Thoughts: I really enjoyed this episode.  They brought it up a notch developing Hank’s story, giving Kyle a purpose other than being fuck buddies with Zoe and Madison and bringing together the coven and the voodoos for a fight against the witch hunters.  The Queenie and Delphine stuff wasn’t overly interesting but there were some funny lines from the Head.  I also didn’t care for Luke and his mother and I am wondering what this has to do with anything.  Maybe Nan is going to go all Supreme on Luke’s mother and the witch hunters because they killed her boyfriend.  I don’t know.  We will just have to wait until next year to find out.  All in all, a good episode.


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