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Mid-Season TV Review


Ahhh December.  Time for good cheer, good food and drinks and the end of new TV for a good 1 to 2 months.  I suppose you could spend time with family and friends and enjoying the season but wait, there is still Netflix and hockey, so all is not lost.  For your approval, or not, here is a rundown of some of what I’ve been watching in the first half of the 2013-2014 TV season.

The New

The Originals – A spinoff from The Vampires Diaries, this show is much better than where TVD has gone this season.  New Orléans.  Vampires.  Witches.  It’s all heart ripping goodness and Klaus is awesome.


Almost Human – Androids partnered with cops in the future and starring Karl Urban.  You had me at Karl Urban.


Dracula – So far this show is not bad.  They have changed aspects of the Dracula universe like the Order of the Dragon seems to be made up of vampire hunters, ok and Renfield is a composed gentleman, ok.  I’ll continue watching because it looks beautiful with all the Victorian touches that make Dracula so moody and romantic.


Sleepy Hollow – Alright, so I was less than kind when I reviewed the first episode but I didn’t give up and I have continued to watch it.  I’m liking it more and appreciate how they don’t dwell on Crane being amazed by the way the world has changed.  They address it but they don’t overdo it.   The story is interesting with the Four Horsemen and I like the flashback scenes.


Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D – Taking place after The Avengers, Agent Coulson is alive but there is something that is only being hinted at for how he is still alive.  Again, this show isn’t bad and what I expect from a primetime super hero offering that appeals to adults, kids and fans.


Comedy Trio:  Brooklyn Nine-Nine; Super Fun Night; The Crazy Ones:  I’ve grouped these together because there isn’t much to say other than they are 30 minutes of laughs (most of the time) and a refreshing break from life.

The Returned


Supernatural – What are we in now, Season 9?  I was not impressed with Season 7; Season 8 started out not so good but started to redeem  itself with the introduction of the Men of Letters; I like the storyline and that the boys have a home in the bunker.  With the expulsion of all the angels from heaven and Castiel losing his grace, Season 9 is moving away from the past few seasons that found the boys in the middle of angels and demons and I like the way it is going.  I just wish they would have more Crowley in it.


Sons of Anarchy – The show has ended for the season and next year will the end of it all.  And holy crap, this season was so good.  So much has happened, so many departures.  Maybe next season will be all rainbows and unicorns….


American Horror Story: Coven – The third standalone season in this series is cruising along with witches, voodoo queens and witch hunters in New Orléans.  It has its ups and downs.  Not as good as Season 1 but better than Season 2.


Arrow – What the hell is up with this season?  I swear Stephen Amell has only had his shirt off 2, maybe 3 times.  Why else would I watch the show?  A good season so far.  Lots of action and more insight into Oliver’s time alone (when was he alone?) on the island.


The Walking Dead – After the Governor’s failed attempt on the prison last season, did you really think this one would be peaceful for the survivors?  This series seems to go from good action to mediocre storylines to full throttle, holy crap they just killed so and so, for most of the seasons.  The mid-season finale left me cursing the fact that it is not back until February 9th; damn it.  And I have to say that, that one episode was probably the best one this season.


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