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American Horror Story Coven: The Replacements


Young Fiona, a new supreme and disturbing sexual encounters.  Welcome to the Coven.

Yeah, there’s going to be spoilers

Well, this episode certainly had some shocking moments and pushed the bounds of morality.  I know what you’re thinking; AHS isn’t known for doing such things (that is pure sarcasm).  The opening scene takes place in 1971 when Fiona was a young woman, about the same age as Madison and even kind of looked like her.  She is having a polite conversation with the Supreme at that time but Fiona knows she is next in line and decides not to wait for the power.  She slits the Supreme’s throat which is witnessed by Spalding (Denis O’Hare).  There hasn’t been much character development for him so far but that night is clearly when he lost tongue at Fiona’s hand.  Bitch. Jump to present day and Fiona is still desperately searching for youth, even going so far as to consult on having her face peeled away, then reattached tighter.  Too bad she is dying and her body can’t handle the procedure.  Poor Fiona.  Her days as the Supreme are numbered but who could possibly take her place…let’s see what Madison and Nan are up to.

American Horror Story -

The school has new neighbours.  A highly religious woman played by Patti Lupone and her young, handsome son who gets the attention of the girls when he takes his shirt during the move and Nan, Queenie and Madison take in the show.  Later, Nan and Madison welcome the pair to the neighbourhood; Nan bakes a cake and Madison puts on a tiny dress to show off her talents.  The young man is more interested in Nan, irking Madison but soon Mommy shows up and is not pleased with the slutty Madison.  Madison reveals her powers by mentally throwing a knife near her head then setting the curtains on fire as she leaves.  A new ability for the young witch.  It becomes clear to Fiona that Madison is the next Supreme when Patti Lupone (I can’t remember her name in the show) visits the school and tells Fiona what happened.  Fiona then takes Madison as her protégé, gaining her trust, getting her drunk and manipulating the young woman to kill her.  Fiona tells her that she dying, her energy and power is being drained away by Madison because she is the next Supreme.  Fiona shares her tale of killing the previous Supreme for the power and how she wasted it all, then pulls a knife and tells Madison to kill her, take the power and put Fiona out of her misery because she is dying.  A struggle ensues and Fiona ends up ‘accidently’ killing Madison as Spalding watches again, smiling.  Fiona’s final words for the episode: “This Coven doesn’t need a Supreme, it needs a new rug.”


So where is all of this deviant sex I promised?  Let’s start that unpleasantness with Zoe.  She goes to visit Kyle’s Mom and finds the woman an absolute mess, smoking pot and ready to hang herself because she can’t live without Kyle.  It’s not sweet.  Zoe heads to the swamp to take Kyle home but not before Misty Day gets upset that no one wants to listen to Fleetwood Mac with her.  Zoe goes on to leave Kyle on his mother’s doorstep and runs away.  Things go badly after that for him.  First his Mother interrupts his shower, umm….odd, then she curls in bed with him, comments how his body is different and not him then, well, it’s incest and disgusting and it’s rape.  But Kyle gets his revenge later by bashing her skull nearly flat with a trophy just in time for Zoe to show up for dinner.


But that’s not all; what are Queenie and Madame LaLaurie up to?  Fiona has order Delphine to be Queenie’s slave because of her racial intolerance and Queenie loves it.  Later in the evening the pair are in the kitchen as Delphine is cooking on command when she suddenly freaks out after seeing the Minotaur outside.  Queenie has a look, sees what it is then discovers that Delphine is the sadistic Madame LaLaurie and the Minotaur is her handy work.  This is where things get weird…weirder.  Despite how Queenie feels about Madame LaLaurie, she helps her get away and lures the Minotaur into the greenhouse.  I’m not sure what the real motivation is behind what happens next or it is just straight fucked up.  Queenie starts to masturbate and tell the Minotaur about just wanting to be loved.  The creature moves behind her, braces her arm with one of it’s hand/hoof and covers her mouth with the other and she screams.  I don’t have much else to say about that other than, what just happened?


There’s some stuff with Cordelia this episode as well.  She is infertile and can’t have any children, her spell didn’t work but a doctor’s diagnosis isn’t going to stop her and she heads to Marie Laveau for a fertility spell with a 100% success rate and $50,000.00 price tag.  Cordelia is all for it but Marie refuses to do it because she is Fiona’s daughter, leaving her devastated.  I’m sure there must be something developing with this storyline, something with Marie Laveau and Cordelia and Fiona but I don’t know yet.


Final Thoughts:  I have to say that Fiona is my favourite part of this season and the Zoe/Kyle storyline is my least favourite.  I’m also not crazy about Cordelia but if her and Marie get together to go after Fiona, it might get more interesting.  I wasn’t surprised by Madison dying; you could tell that Fiona was going down that road.  She is not so selfless and willing to give up her power for someone else.  I really could have done without the incest stuff (especially after watching the most recent SOA) and is sex with a minotaur bestiality?  Did Queenie project what was happening to her onto Delphine with her voodoo doll powers?  I’m not even sure what happened with Queenie and the Minotaur. This was an episode that shows how American Horror Story continues to push the envelope and continues to be engaging and entertaining while making you go ewww!!!

2 comments on “American Horror Story Coven: The Replacements

  1. Axe-Wielding Alex
    October 25, 2013

    It was a cringe-worthy episode. I think that the witches are coming off as weak when compared to the voodoo sect. Maybe Fiona will more than regain her powers now that Madison is dead, but I feel that at this point there is no way that I’d believe the Coven could take the Voodooers.


    • Denise
      October 27, 2013

      I agree. The witches are not as powerful unless Zoe has sex with everyone. Thanks for stopping by and commenting 🙂


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