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Supernatural Season 3-Good Stuff


Lots of Spoilers

The Magnificent Seven (S3, E1): Dean has entered the final year of his life after selling his soul to a demon to bring Sam back from the dead.  Demons are roaming the earth after the Season 2 conclusion and Dean, Sam and Bobby are facing off against the Magnificent Seven or more accurately, the 7 deadly sins.  In a fight for his life, Sam is saved by a mysterious woman wielding a knife that can kill demons.

Why it’s good: The 7 deadly sins are awesome and we have the introduction of Ruby, the demon who drives a wedge between the brothers and brings so much doom their way.


A Very Supernatural Christmas (S3, E8): It’s not often that Supernatural acknowledges holidays but this episode touches on a big one, Christmas.  Santa is a dick as he is entering people’s homes and eating them, as well the cookies and milk. Saint Nick is actually not the culprit but a pair of pagan gods are eating up the spirit of the holiday season.

Why it’s good: We get some good flashbacks to Sam & Dean as boys trying to have Christmas without John who is absent and on a hunt.  We also get an emotional moment as Sam wants to ignore Christmas because it’s the last one he will have with his brother, and that’s the very reason Dean wants to celebrate.

Super Christmas

Ghostfacers (S3, E13): The Ghostfacers are back and they have a crew, well 3 other people to help them record their ghost hunting adventures.  The team are in a haunted house and encounter the real hunters, Sam and Dean.  Everyone ends up being locked in and pursued by a malevolent spirit.

Why it’s good: The Ghostfacers make this one great.  There was a short series of 10ish minute web episodes following the Ghostfacers adventures.  Check them out here: http://www.ghostfacers.com


No Rest for the Wicked (S3, E16): The Season 3 finale features Sam, Dean, Bobby and Ruby finding Lilith in the suburbs and being one creepy ass little girl torturing a family.  Sam and Dean finally get close enough to her but the demon is no longer in the girls’ body and has taken over Ruby.  The clock strikes midnight and Deans’ time is up.  Ruby/Lilith unleashes the hell hounds and Dean is torn to pieces.  Sam faces Lilith but she is unable to hurt him, then leaves him to cradle his dead brother.

Why it’s good:  The demonic little girl is creepy in her torture of the family and the end with Sam holding Dean, then the image of Dean bound and bloody screaming for Sam in hell is such an intense way to end the season.

No Rest

Honourable Mention: Bad Day at Black Rock (S3, E3) introduction of Bela Talbot; Sin City (S3, E4) – Dean feels sympathy for demon Casey; Red Sky at Morning (S3, E6);  Mystery Spot (S3, E11); Jus in Bello (S3, E12) – Lilith arrives



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