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To Prologue or Not To Prologue


As I mentioned in my erratic way on Friday, I am going to serialize my novel and now that I have had a few days of clarity, here is some follow-up to help me get into it.

I am currently editing the first chapter to be posted by Easter weekend. Stick with me as I work around the day job and another bout of the flu. But it will happen. One of the things that I am playing with is the prologue. When I started the novel, I didn’t have a prologue but when I went back to start editing, I thought that perhaps it was necessary to include given the way the story goes and to establish how the decline of the world has happened.  The story is post apocalyptic and starts with a family on the run from the creatures that have ruined the world; not zombies, mutants.

Some people don’t endorse the prologue while others find it a good way to establish background and not hinder the story with chapters of history just to catch up to where the story should start.  So my thought is that perhaps a prologue is necessary to establish the timeline- the beginning of the virus which caused the mutations and move from those origins to the focus of the novel, the family on the run, in a quicker manner. I’m going to post the prologue but may not necessarily keep it in the novel; I’m not sure how I feel about it in general and I’ve never written one before, so this will be an interesting experiment.  Hell, I’m not even certain if prologue is the right term, perhaps I should just call it an introduction…

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