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Blood Creek (2009)


The Gist:  After his disappearance during a camping trip 2 years earlier, Evan’s war hero brother Victor returns in the middle of the night and asks Evan to get guns, knives and follow him back into the woods.  Victor leads them to a farmhouse and Evan begins to question his brother’s sanity as he sees an ordinary family and his brother’s guns raised, ready to kill them all.  Unknown to Evan, the family is housing a Nazi occult scholar sent to West Virginia in 1936 in pursuit of ancient Norse runes that the Third Reich believed would hold the secrets to immortality and the power to raise the dead.



Brothers & The Undead: Henry Cavill (Evan Marshall), Dominic Purcell (Victor Alan Marshall), Michael Fassbender (Richard Wirth), Emma Booth (Liese Wollner), Shea Whigham (Luke Benny)



My Take: This movie had some interesting ideas and was very well done with director Joel Schumacher at the helm and an impressive cast but something was lacking in the execution of the story. The premise was different, Nazi exploration and use of the occult for power as well as the ancient Norse runes left by the first visitors to North America. An example of the human monsters degrading history to their whims.  I also liked the family trapped in immortality and forced to help Wirth live by feeding him human blood from kidnapped victims.  The acting was stellar and I liked Henry Cavill and Micheal Fassbender was good as the immortal creature.


I guess I would have liked the flick better if it spent more time showing how the family become entwined with Wirth, other than unwittingly taking him in.  He basically shows up in 1936, partially resurrects a bird, then tells the 12-year-old Lise that it will hurt less the more he cuts her.  We then jump to Evan doing his thing as a paramedic, dealing with his senile father and helping to take care of his missing brother’s children.  I was more interested in the occult aspects than the brothers’ story.  When Evan and Victor go to the farmhouse it moves pretty steadily to the end with good pacing and action.  The movie concluded with a feeling that there could be a sequel made as Wirth was not the only Nazi scholar sent to the US in 1936.

Blood Creek 5

Final Thoughts:  I liked this flick, didn’t love it but I liked it.  I like how the 1936 stuff is filmed in black and white, the make-up and effects done on Wirth were creepy, gross and awesome, the story had an interesting premise and the acting was good.  I think it could have used more in-depth detail on the occult and the Third Reich belief about the Norse settlers and their rune stones.  Good stuff, check it out.


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