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11-11-11 (2011)


The Gist: Best selling thriller novelist Joseph Crone is dealing with death of his wife and son when he is called to Spain by his brother as his Father lies dying.  In the days leading up to 11-11-11, Joseph is seeing strange things; demons in the shadows and the number 11 everywhere.  He delves head first into the mystery of what the date means and why he is seeing evil all around.

Angels & Demons: Timothy Gibbs (Joseph Crone), Michael Landes (Samuel Crone), Wendy Glenn (Sadie), Ángela Rosal (Anna)

My Take: This flick got very little publicity and I don’t think it was even released in theatres where I live.  It also received poor reviews and I can see why.  Ok, it wasn’t terrible and certainly wasn’t the worst movie I have seen recently (Waxwork II is so awful) but 11-11-11 is flawed.

Novelist Joseph Crone is a man apart after the death of his wife and son during a fire set in his apartment by one of his fans.  He is continually dreaming of their deaths and always in the background, hovering over their dead bodies, is a huge statue of a crouching angel.  The statue belongs to his Father and is at his home in Barcelona, Spain where Joseph’s Mother purchased it after the family moved there when he was a child.  Aside from the dreams of his family burning to death, Joseph’s editor is pushing him to write a new book and he is also contending with the unsolicited affections of Sadie, a woman who is in the same support group as him.  This chick pops up everywhere and while he doesn’t encourage the attention, he doesn’t do anything to discourage it.


Following a near fatal car accident (not sure why this is here, maybe to set-up mental instability), Joseph receives a call to return to Barcelona by his wheel chair bound brother, Pastor Samuel, as their Father is on his deathbed.  There is anger between Joseph and his family that isn’t explored but appears to be because of his Father and brother’s religious beliefs, they are both preachers, and Joseph’s lack of belief.  I’m sure there’s more to the rift in the relationship but this is not clear.  Once he arrives, Samuel and the woman who is caring for their father, begin to push Joseph to go back to his faith.  He doesn’t bow to the pressure but even with his stoic atheism, he totally believes in the supernatural.  I know they aren’t the same thing but still, he dismisses religion and accepts demons.

Speaking of demons, Joseph starts to see robed figures who resemble the infernal creatures and he is seeing the number 11 everywhere he turns.  The number correlates to the time of death of his son and the date his mother died (or was born?)  Upon research, he discovers that the date 11-11-11 has religious and paranormal connotations.  I really wasn’t paying too much attention but he is one of the chosen ones who can see the people on the other side.  Anyway, as the date approaches he finds out that his brother is a prophet and it is up to him to protect Samuel from the demons.  Joseph accepts this and takes on the duty of protector.  Again, I question why he easily believes any of this?  Why the sudden blind faith?  Amidst all of this supernatural and religious stuff, Sadie appears in Spain because she is concerned about Joseph.  Just out of nowhere she shows up, a near total stranger and he just accepts her presence.

demon angel

On and on we go until the night of 11-11-11 arrives and all hell breaks loose, sort of, well in a rather low-key way.  Samuel is taken by the demons, Joseph tries to get him to leave but he won’t go without his journals, and is about to be killed when Joseph interferes and is stabbed in the back.  As he lies dying, Samuel reveals the truth about who he really is and what is happening.  Samuel stands up, no longer paralyzed and tells Joseph he is The End.  I’m guessing he is a demon?  He is starting a new religion and using Joseph’s journals that he has written about his beliefs and Samuel, as the new gospel.  And as it turns out Sadie is connected to Samuel and it wasn’t a coincidence that she was following Joseph.

Yah or Nah: That’s the down and dirt on the flick and my judgement is Nah.  I wanted to like this one, the previews and the imagery are wonderful but the story was fractured and seemed to be missing details that would make it more enjoyable and coherent.


2 comments on “11-11-11 (2011)

  1. Tyson Carter
    January 15, 2013

    I loved Bousman’s work on SAW & Mothers Day, but this one was terrible. So slow!!!!


    • Dawning
      January 15, 2013

      I know. I so wanted to like it but I just couldn’t. I haven’t seen Mother’s Day yet but I have it queued to watch.


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