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The Walking Dead: Killer Within

If you watch The Walking Dead and you have not seen this episode, be forewarned, there are spoilers in this post.

Wow. That was one powerful episode that left me feeling depressed and shocked.

Prison: Hershel is up and moving around and seems to be doing well.  Glen, Maggie, Rick, Daryl, Carol and T-Dog work on moving the cars around. Oscar and Axel have left their cell block asking Rick if they can come out and play. Rick says no, deal with the block or leave.  At least he gives them food before kicking them out but not right away.  While Rick is getting supplies and the others are cleaning up, everyone pauses as Hershel comes into the yard.  A moment of peace ascends over the group until they notice a whole lot of walkers behind Lori, Beth, Carl and Hershel.  You think they would have noticed sooner, it’s not like they were hidden or moving quickly. Pandemonium!  Everyone scatters away from the walkers while Rick, Glen, Maggie, T-Dog, Carol and Daryl kill their way back to the yard, letting Axel and Oscar back in.  Adding to the terror of the walkers being everywhere, the alarms and sirens are howling.

Woodbury: Andrea and Merle are getting along and she has given Merle a map to the farm to find Daryl.  The Governor won’t OK Merle’s plans and he slinks away pissed off but not arguing.  Michonne wants to get the hell out of Woodbury and is pushing Andrea to leave.  Andrea wants to stay awhile longer and shares an intimate drink with the Governor.  In an attempt to convince them to stay, G man tries to play to Michonne’s strength as a warrior to get her to stay but she isn’t having it causing an argument between the two women.

Prison: Rick, Glen and Daryl are running through the halls trying to find the room to shut off the alarms, he has let Oscar and Axel come along to help. They discover it was Andrew, the prisoner Rick pushed into a bunch of Walkers, that set the alarms off and let the walkers in.  Axel kills him, proving to Rick that he isn’t completely untrustworthy.

Carol and T-Dog were separated from the group and are hounded by walkers when one gets a hold of T-Dog and takes a chunk from his shoulder.  Trapped by walkers, he sacrifices himself to try to save Carol.  I didn’t really care for T-Dog but it was still surprising. Carol is not seen for the rest of the episode.

Meanwhile, Lori has gone into labour and there are complications.  Maggie has to do a C-section and Lori tells her to do it and save her baby.  And she does, leaving Lori bloody and presumably dead.  Carl steps up to put his Mom down before she turns.  This is done off camera with only the sound of a gunshot indicating that he has done it or has he?  The group, what’s left of them, reunites and Rick is devastated as the baby cries and everyone is shocked.

Final Thoughts: Well, that was not expected at all and while I wasn’t a Lori fan, her death was just heartbreaking.  The snippet of Woodbury was fine but it seems to be dragging along a bit.  The next episode looks like it will take care of that though.  And Rick, well he is going off the rails in the next one.

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