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October Reflections: Halloween Wars>Science Gone Wrong

Science Gone Wrong

The second to last episode for the season.  This month has gone by way too fast but on the plus side, Halloween is less than a week away.

The celebrity guest was some guy from the Twilight movies.  This week the small scare challenge for the three remaining teams was something scary behind a door.  The teams were given a small working door and tasked with creating something scary coming out of or around the door.  Two of them were pretty sub par, although there was one with a poltergeist carved from a small pumpkin that looked neat but it was also pretty small. The winner was a spider carved from a pumpkin and a green apple with a little person stuck to the door in a web made from pulled sugar.  It was very cool and the spider looked creepy.

The Spine Chiller challenge was to create a scene where a science experiment has backfired.  Two of the three were pretty good but the top pick was defiantly worthy of the title winner.  The creation was an experiment where the scientist was trying to splice a fly and monkey together and the result is shown above.  That was favourite and it looks pretty damn good and gross.

Alas, the final episode will air Sunday October 28 with the challenge being Zombie Wedding.


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