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Movie Goodness

TV Goodness is complete.  Good times, good times.  The next natural progression is to move on to Movies.  This is a considerably more daunting task given how many good movies are out there but don’t worry, I will soldier on. The categories will be along the same line as TV but given my propensity to separate the movies I own into subcategories, I will be doing the same sub-categorization here; well at least with the Horror category. My husband thinks it’s strange that I categorize my movies by genre, then sub-genre.  It helps me keep track of them.  Don’t judge me!

So here’s how the Horror will break down: Horror>Zombies; Horror>Vampires, Horror>Paranormal, Horror>Human Monsters General Horror.  Ok, now you see why I’m a freak.  All my horror DVD’s and Blu-ray’s are arranged this way.  No one likes a judge!

The sub categorizing only applies to horror.  The other categories will include Drama, Superheroes, Comedy and Sci Fi.  So, there it is. More listing fun on the way.  As always, chime in with suggestions and critique.

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