TV Goodness

I’ve known you all my life…you have been the warm glow on a rainy afternoon and the constant companion at the darkest hour.  What would I do without you, my beloved television.  Alright, maybe that’s a bit over the top.  I am an addict in my way but TV gives us that bite size escapism from the daily grind. It offers less commitment than a movie and is a quicker fix than a book.  And after a long day, it’s a mindless distraction.

I am starting a new series on TV series’.  That’s an awkward sentence.  The best An overview of entertaining current and no longer airing shows and some shows that are obscure or little known. To break it down, because I watch lots of TV (don’t judge me) I am creating categories based on genre. I may even be able to talk my other half  into contributing and giving his take on his favourites.  The genres will be:  Horror/Sci-Fi; Drama; Comedy; Documentary/Reality; not like Big Brother reality but Hell’s Kitchen reality type of shows.  Each review will include an overview, air dates and why I feel it is one of the best.  As always, retort and opinions are welcome as are suggestions.


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