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2012 Video Game Preview

New year, new video games. I don’t play a lot of games and I’m not very good at a lot of them but this year there seems to be some good ones on the horizon.  Here is my list of anticipated 2012 games.

Amy –  I just read the 2/10 review on IGN and have decided not to bother.

Silent Hill: Remastered Collection – Release: Jan. 24 March 6 on PS3, Xbox 360.  This is the remastered HD versions of Silent Hill 2 & 3.  Silent Hill 2 follows James as he heads to SH after receiving a letter from his  dead wife.  This is probably my favorite SH game to date.  In Silent Hill 3 we follow teenager Heather to the creepy little town. Even though these are just remasters of older games, I will pick up the collection because I really liked them and as it’s been so long since I played them, they will seem new again.

Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning : Release Feb. 7 PS3, Xbox 360, PC.  An open-world action RPG with contributions from the creative minds of writer R.A. Salvatore and artist Todd McFarlane.  Another game in which you get determine what type of person your character is by your actions.  I like games where you get to choose the path your character goes down.  This game has some impressive creative might behind, so it might be good.

Silent Hill: DownpourRelease: March13 PS3, Xbox 360. This is the 8th game in the franchise and finds Murphy Pendleton, an inmate who survived a bus crash, venturing into the forsaken town of Silent Hill. Downpour offers players the opportunity to play side quests that vary depending on how a player plays the game.  I am really looking forward to this one after being disappointed with Silent Hill: Shattered Memories on the Wii.  I absolutely hated that game.

The Secret World – Release April PC, Xbox 360 – Little disappointed this isn’t going to be released on the PS3 but since it is a MMO RPG (ohhh…acronyms)  for me, this would probably be best on the PC.  The game is set in a world within our world with magic, monsters and other dark forces.  This sounds like a really good game but I will definitively wait until I read some reviews before picking it up.

Diablo III – Release TBA for PC, PS3, Xbox 360 – I have never played a Diablo game but I am told by my husband that I will be playing this one.  Why not, might be fun and it is a Blizzard game.  “You must protect Tristram from hordes of demons.” Alrighty then.

The Last of Us – Release TBA PS3 exclusive.  A post apocalyptic offering from Naughty Dog.  Two characters, Joel and Ellie, work their way across the US.  I like apocalyptic journey stories and this appears to have the potential for being well done. Another game dependent on reviews.

Alan Wake’s American Nightmare – Release TBA Exclusively on Xbox.  A downloadable follow-up to Alan Wake, which is a good game but I still haven’t finished it.  As I said, I kind of suck at games but this has me itching to dust off and plug-in the old Xbox and give Mr. Wake another go.  This game centres around Alan Wake being trapped in an episode of a T.V. series he used to write for called Night Springs. It’s suppose to be more action oriented than the original game which means I will struggle with it but what fun are games without a challenge.

Call of Cthulhu: The Wasted Land Release TBA PC, Android; Jan. 30 iPhone.  I played Call of Cthulhu on the Xbox 360 and didn’t really get into it but I think I may give this one a try on the PC.  Using an Android phone just seems like too small a presentation for these kinds of games. My phone has a pretty big screen but still would be hard to play.  The game is about a cult using the carnage of WWI to call forth H.P. Lovecraft’s monsters.

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