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2012 – To the Cloud!

The new year is upon us making it time for the resolutions to be proclaimed and the new year optimism to come out; both of which usually last until the second or third week of January.  Not starting out with optimism, oops.  I am glad to see 2011 falling away and for once, I do actually have optimism that the new year will bring good things. Like what, why is this year different for this pessimist?

For starters, a new job.  After 2 years of working on the phones, I am moving on.  This new job starts on January 3 and I am not ready for it but I am looking forward to the challenges that it will throw at me.  New job, new experience, new entry on the resume.  Let’s hope it works out – fingers crossed, knock on wood, lick a toad.  Wait, I think that last one is for something else…

Next up is a vow to be healthier.  This is not new but with the hubby and I both making a commitment to it, it may go better than year’s past.  We live in the most beautiful city in Canada and we should enjoy it more and be more active in it.

Onward – Of course write more and actually finish the novel I have been working on for too long (2 years, yeah, I suck).  My goal is to finish it by my birthday in April.  The new job may interfere with this goal but I hope not.

An extension of the write more is to eliminate time sucking, mind numbing distractions AKA video games and T.V. – damn you Netflix! I have decided to deactivate my World of Warcraft account.  I play maybe once a week but it’s a temptation to distraction.  As for the television, it’s bright LCD siren song shall no more lure me into vegetative state.  No T.V and no beer make Homer something, something.

Let’s see what else am I hoping for in this year that leaps…Finally moving from this hovel to a nicer hovel.  This one ties in with the new job since there will be more of the cash to save up for such an endeavor.  And also with the hope of more savings, a trip somewhere.  Not over to Vancouver (doing that in May to see Rammstein!) but actually leaving the country and seeing something new.

Top three destinations: New Orleans:  There’s some sort of lure to this city that I have had since I was a teenager.  Exotic in its way with a rich history and culture all its own.  New Zealand:  It looks so beautiful and I would love to visit it because I would love to one day move there.  There are a lot of difficulties involved in this but it is something I will investigate further.  Living in a foreign country would be amazing and New Zealand would be a good place to experience it.  England: This is similar to the New Zealand thing in respect to if it were possible, I would love to move there for a time.  And like New Orleans, it has a rich history. Plus my Grandmother came over from England during World War II and I like would to visit her home.

So, that about covers it for what I’m looking forward to for the new year.  Optimism and new experiences.  Also, my child will be an adult this year in the eyes of the government -18 years old.  Where did the time go?  Damn you Netflix!

Happy New Year and to all, I hope you have an amazing 2012.

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