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American Horror Story – Murder House Ep.3

Contains spoilers

The opening this week starts in 1983 with Moira, looking like Ben’s version of her, and the man of the House forcing himself on the young maid; we learn that she had previously accepted his advances.  The attempted rape is foiled when the lady of the House shots a bullet into the bedroom mirror disrupting him. Constance.  It used to be Constance’s house and her husband was boinking Moira which explains her hatred for her.  The crying Moira is put down with a bullet through the eye -ahhh….ghost eye, and Constance’s husband quickly follows.

Zap to the present and Viv confronting Ben about a lie; no not that one.  His accountant screwed them and all of their money is tied up in the House that she refuses to stay in after the home invasion.  This episode touches on Ben and his slowly shattering psyche that is being helped along by the sultry Moira, Constance planting seeds of paranoia in his head and his worry over his wife and baby. Meanwhile Viv is dealing with the fact that her home is called the Murder House and is the main attraction on The Eternal Darkness tour.  She decides to take this tour and finds out more disturbing history about the House and the first owners who built it in the 1920’s. The man of the House was a  failed doctor addicted to drugs and his wife was a spoiled, bitter socialite.  Not a happy a pair with a baby thrown in – note the picture.  The family has fallen on hard times and to make a few bucks, the Mistress of the House decides that her husband should start performing abortions for knocked up would be starlets. Oh the angry souls that occupy that house.  The former Mistress pays Vivien a couple of visits; one she knows about and one she is not aware of.

There is little to do with Violet in this episode and Tate only makes a couple of brief appearance.  One notable one is when Constance walks past the House and he is in the window, glaring at her.  He is likely another ghost but what is the connection between him and Constance?  She looks heart-broken when she waves and he doesn’t wave back.  I wonder if he is her son, the only perfect child she had but maybe not.  Good old Larry the burn guy pops back into Ben’s life and it does not end well.  He is like the devil in Ben manifest in a messed up little bugger.  I have concluded he is also a ghost.  Funny how these ghosts are corporeal.  Larry’s popping up to bother Ben coincides with the arrival of Ben’s mistress Hayden arriving from Boston.  Guess what, she did not have the abortion and she is moving to L.A. to have the baby and force Ben’s support.  D’oh.  She freaks out when he starts to reject her proposal showing just how unstable she is and that she will do anything to make Ben hers; possibly even fake a pregnancy?  The connection between Larry and Hayden and Ben becomes concrete when Larry kills her by beating her with a shovel in the backyard in broad daylight.  That was unexpected.  Ben completely falls apart crying and vomiting, holding the dead girl and ready to call the police until Larry talks him out of it giving all the logical reasons why Ben would be arrested and most likely convicted of the murder.  Larry then proceeds to dig the grave uncovering the bones of another mistress; Moira who watches this from a window with Constance at her side telling her that she is stuck in the House forever now as Ben cements the earth with Hayden and Moira entombed.

Impressions: Another good episode.  I really enjoy the way each episode so far dips into the past to show the viewers the history of the House and reveal more about the characters, well as far as the native residents are concerned.  The Harmon’s seem to be just there, their history seemingly has already been told.  I’m more interested in Tate and Constance (Constance a ghost too?)  Ben’s break down… I guess that’s a human reaction but I think he is fully cracked now and doomed to the fate the House has set in motion.  My one gripe is where is the Rubber Man?  This bizarre character was one of the reasons I was interested in this show to begin with and he has not been shown since the first episode.

Next week:  Episode 4 – Halloween Part 1

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