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American Horror Story-Home Invasion

Contains spoilers: read and watch anyway.  The show is great.  So, the second episode of the Twin Peaks meets The Shining kind of show has aired and….

The Gist: The prologue for this episode flashes back to 1968 at the house which is being occupied by nursing students.  The title kind of sums up it, Home Invasion.  Two of the nurses fall prey to the brutal assault of a twisted killer.  Flash forward to the present day and the Harmon’s are now settled into their home and trying to deal with the quirky, insane people who have interjected themselves into their lives.  Ben is still ‘treating’ Tate at the start of the episode but after his colourful comments about what he wants to do Violet, he has finally pushed Ben to try to terminate the treatment.  To add to Ben’s stress is a second unexpected pregnancy – not only is his wife pregnant (who is the real father?) but his mistress calls him up and to tell him that she is pregnant too and she wants him there when she aborts the baby or else…  Next up – Addy and Constance continue to invade the Harmon’s life with unexpected middle of the night visits and the bearing of tainted treats for young Violet.  Larry the Burn Guy makes another appearance to offer Ben some advice on his situation with his mistress – lie to his family.  This coming from a man who burned his family alive.  Meanwhile, Violet appears to have befriended her bully whose hair is turning white from fear of the monster in the basement and the devil she believes it to be.  By the end of the episode, Violet is happy with her Mother, angry with Father and has forgiven Tate for the attack in the basement.

History Repeating:  The 1968 home invasion and murders are revisited and reenacted upon Violet and Vivien while Ben is in Boston dealing with his young mistress.  The attack begins the same way it did in 1968 except it is a woman at the door not a man asking for help and trying to gain entry into the house.  Vivien is smarter than this intruder and refuses to let her in but it’s all for not as two other intruders make their way into the house and take the pair hostage.  The invaders are serial killer fanatics who want to reenact the 1968 murder in homage to their hero that they call “our Franklin”.  They are going to drown Violet and stab Vivien to death.  But these are strong women and they fight and give attitude to the disorganized and inept would be killers.  Violet has help in the form of Tate who was creeping about the house; he tells Violet to get them to the basement where two of them end up and face off against the ghosts of the nurses.  Tate takes out the third one violently and unexpectedly with an ax.  There is a great scene in the basement with Tate, Constance and Moira discussing what to do with the bodies “you get the shovels, I’ll get the bleach”.  Curiouser and curiouser.  Meanwhile Ben finally realizes that something is wrong after missing 13 calls and runs out of the abortion clinic while his mistress is in the OR.  This is going to bite him in the ass – more than the whole pregnant student thing.

Impressions: Better than the first episode (which was really good).  The characters and history are starting to unfold.  It will be interesting to see how it continues and find out more about the house and its dark history and I personally want to learn more about the Rubber Man.  I find most of the characters interesting particularly Tate and Constance even though she is a terrible person and has no business being a Mother to anyone, especially Addy.  The one character that I don’t find particularly interesting and kind of a whiny scumbag is Ben.  I like Dylan McDermott and I think he plays the character well; I just don’t like the character much.  However I guess he is not necessarily suppose to be a likable character given the things he’s done.  The show is also utilizing dry humour to undercurrent the strange and scary which is always enjoyable to see.  All and all a good second showing from AHS – nope can’t use that acronym – American Horror Story.

Next week: Episode 3- Murder House

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