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Halloween Wars – Food Network

Halloween Wars  

Premiering Sunday, October 2nd, at 9pm ET/PT on the Food Network

Awesome concept for a cooking show competition.  I’m a fan of cooking show competitions such as Cupcake Wars, Food Network Challenge, Chopped and yes Hell’s Kitchen.  It fascinates me that chefs are able to produce, in some cases, works of art or gourmet delicacies in a relatively short amount of time.  The series takes place over 4 weeks with a competing team being eliminated each week.  Said competitors must complete an edible Halloween display to be judged by cake decorator Shinmin Li and Hollywood conceptual artist Miles Teves with each episode featuring a celebrity guest including Rob Zombie, Jaime King, Scout Taylor-Compton and R.L. Stine.  On line is $50,000.00.  The series is broken into four episodes starting with Witches and Scary Places, Scary Tales, Zombies vs. Vampires and ending with Underworld.  Five teams begin and then dwindle down to two for confectionery horror supremacy.  The final episode airs October 23.  Spectacular!!!  What a fantastic combination – cooking competition with cool edible, horror creations and of course all the wonderful goodness of Halloween and Autumn.

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