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Another post, 2 in a row….I’m on a roll.

So, the new year has begun. There is hope on the horizon that the current state of the world will turn around and life will change for the better for those who are currently in turmoil and struggling due to the pandemic. It will be a harder road for millions out there than for others who have been lucky to weather this storm in relative safety and stability. There is hope that the horror of events that took place on our screens, seeing people killed before our eyes while no one stopped it, will be put behind us as well and we can stop hating, hurting and come together to build up one another and heal.

What else is there to look forward, what do I want to get out of fresh new year.

Continuing to work from home for at least another 6 months is certainly a good thing. Pretty sure my cat will hate me once office life returns even if that is only rarely at the office. On the work front, I have hopes that more positive change is coming. It will be a stressful next 3 or 4 months, as is usual at this time of the year but things have improved and I believe that will continue.

I didn’t take advantage of working from home as much as I should, so that is something I will make more of an effort to do with regard to writing. Writing is something that I find relaxing particularly after the work day. But that is usually when my mind is the mushiest. I just need to make the time during the evening or before the day begins. I have all of these notebooks and journals just sitting around. Now is the perfect time to start filling them up.

Another thing I should be doing more is reading. I have so many books on my TBR list, and in my home, that I need to devote more time to them and get through my backlist before I buy anymore or new releases. Easier said than done and I can’t be held responsible for my book buying weakness. No more new books for the next month, at least. I’m really looking forward to starting ‘The Once and Future Witches’ by Alix E. Harrow today, once I finish off ‘Shadow and Bone’ by Leigh Bardugo. And continuing the audiobook of ‘Empire of Gold’ by S.A. Chakraborty. Audiobooks are something I am going to be listening to more frequently as it is an easier way to get reading in while doing other things.

Which also figures into something I plan to do more frequently in an outdoor setting – exercise. I found out the painful way, and still lingers, that my elliptical has lived it’s life (it’s been 11 years so that’s about right). I live in a temperate climate, with little to no snow during the winter, just a lot of rain, so making an effort to get out and move around is a good idea. Just would be easier if it wasn’t dark so early in the morning and evening. That’ll change soon enough. In the meantime, a new game will double as exercise, the Nintendo Ring Fit. Should be interesting and likely painful to start.

On other fronts for 2021, it’s time to purge ‘stuff’. I have too much stuff just lying around and a good house cleaning is needed, possibly in anticipation of moving and to downsize. A task put off for too long.

And that’s about all it for me. With time and patience, we will get to that brighter and happier 2021 that so many have been waiting for. Happy New Year to all!

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