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I am a writer, at least in my mind, which is where most of my writing seems to live. I don’t know where the interest initially came from – the poem I wrote in 4th grade that was published, published! in the local newspaper. Perhaps. But I trace the true interest to Anne Rice and Poppy Z Brite. Similar book genres, New Orléans heavily present but quite different takes on vampires. Them as well. Vampires peaked my interest in creating stories, characters and worlds of my own but oddly I haven’t really written anything vampiric. Monsters, zombies, murderers, yes but not an actual vampire tale.

So hear I sit with 3 vampire themed stories in my head trying for the life of me to write the tales spinning in my head on the page but allowing distractions to keep me from actually doing anything about it. Excuses are prevalent: my head hasn’t quite cleared from being sick, nothing good awaits me at work tomorrow, did a realtor just put an open house sign on the lawn of my rented house, what the hell am I going to do on my birthday (3 days away), should I get a new laptop and will that make the writing easier. Too many useless thoughts, too many concerns out of my control.

Perhaps it is time to go back and reread those authors who peaked my interest in writing many years ago and start with the first, Interview with the Vampire. Maybe then the fear and hesitation of not writing the perfect story, the perfect first draft will dissipate and the spark of writing simply for the joy of it and for the sake of emptying my head of those imaginary people will come back. In the words of my favourite poet:

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