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IT – Chapter One (2017)

You know him, you fear him and at last, Pennywise the Dancing Clown makes his big screen debut in IT – Chapter 1 (yep, there is second part being released possibly in 2019).

What can i say about IT.

The young cast did a great job of embodying the Losers club. Spot on casting. The scares were well-balanced with dashes of humour. Bill Skarsgård’s portrayal of Pennywise was awesome. His facial expressions behind the white make-up just screamed creepy clown (a transformation from the handsome man that he is) and makes you feel uneasy. 

The movie tells part of the story focusing only on the  Losers club as preteens while the follow-up will jump ahead 27 years to the group as adults. The parts that featured each of the kids fears manifesting into a reality only they could see was really well done. Richie’s was different (werewolves were his fear)  but the room where his living nightmare came alive was truly horrifying. For Beverly, her actual life with her Father, who is arguably creepier than Pennywise, overshadowed her visions of buckets of blood.

Final Thoughts: This fresh adaptation of a Stephen King classic captures the story perfectly and adds just the right amount from the book to keep the story flowing and moving forward. Casting was great. Bill Skarsgård’s is fantastic as the creepy clown monster who may be more of the focus for Chapter 2. That would be really enjoyable, to see the origins and evolution of the creature to the point where IT runs afoul of the Losers club. Here’s hoping they don’t drag this beyond 2 movies.

As head into Autumn and inch closer to Halloween, IT is the perfect movie to get into the Halloween spirit. 5 creepy clown out of 5



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