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Happy New Year! (A bit delayed)


Wooo!!! Happy New Year!

Oh wait, it’s half-way through March and the start of Spring tonight. Perhaps a bit of delay. Life and all that keeping me busy. So, what has been happening in the first quarter of 2016….Well, I finished A Good Soldier and decided to give it a final edit as a whole. That’s slow going but it’s going and once it’s done it will be up on Smashwords and available for download on various ebook platforms and a few (like 10) hard copies. Probably going to change the title before I put it up (Death Surround) and I found a sweet cover photo that needs a bit of formatting and what not. Other writing projects in works: Another short foray into the life of my Morgenstern priest Father Daniel Ferrgaro and Raina Caine, and there’s a non-supernatural tale brewing but I don’t know about that. I also decided to go back and finish the rewrite of Chimera. My vampire story for Nano is still in the works but that’s a whole big thing that will take so much rewriting. Also in the works some side stories from A Good Soldier called Tales from The Zone. The day job has kept me busier than usual this year. Taking on more/different responsibilities and more in-depth tasks. Stressful and hectic but it’s all good.

Finished playing ‘Assassin’s Creed Syndicate’ and the Jack the Ripper DLC. That was fun. Black Flag is still my favourite though. Got ‘Until Dawn’ for Christmas and platinumed it. Great game. Interactive horror movie and it has one of my new favourite actors in it Rami Malek. Recently started playing ‘Resident Evil 2 Revelations’ on the PS4 and am on episode 2.

Seen some good movies over the past couple of months. Deadpool! So good. ‘Bone Tomahawk‘ was really good but hard to find in Canada. There hasn’t been nearly enough hype about this movie as there should have been. ‘Hidden‘ with Alexander Scarsgard was decent. Not great but good. Watched ‘Open Grave‘ again and really enjoyed the second time around. And last night at 10pm with headphones on and all alone in the living room (except for the cat of course) I watched the documentary ‘The Nightmare‘ about sleep paralysis. It was good and creepy but that could have just been because of environment I was in. Another good documentary is ‘Satan Lives‘ directed by local boy Sam Dunn and Scot McFayen. This was quite good and I need to watch it again with less beer.

As for the great time suck of TV: falling behind on Vikings; The Walking Dead is the usual; Banshee the final season is delayed but Black Sails has been great, The 3rd season is even better than the previous 2. Looking forward to watching the new season of Daredevil too.

On a reading roll. Reread Stephen King’s ‘The Gunslinger’, not as good as I recall but still good. ‘Within These Walls’ by Ania Ahlborn was good; Charles Manson vibe and followed that one up with ‘Last Days’ by Adam Nevill; more cults but more supernatural creepy aspects with the ending kind of falling flat. And I finally read some short stories by Thomas Ligotti and I really like his style (thanks to my brothers-in-law for the Christmas gift.) Next on my list is ‘The Remaining’ by DJ Molles, ‘The Long Walk’ by S.K. and ‘Leviathan Wakes’ by James S.A. Corey; yes I watched the first season of The Expanse.

As for listening to: Soulfly, A Perfect Circle, In This Moment, Scar the Martyr, Butcher Babies, Otep and the best podcast ‘The Last Podcast On The Left’. Sick, twisted and hilariously entertaining as long as you can stomach some of the more disturbing content of which there is plenty. Must stop listening to episodes about serial killers when jogging alone at 5:30am in the dark.

And that’s another thing-the jogging. I decided to do a 10km run/walk the day before my 40th birthday which is just over a month away. We’ll see how that goes and if my ankle can make it. Training…fun.



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