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Day Four by Sarah Lotz

Day Four

Day Four is the follow-up/sequel to last year’s The Three. The story is set aboard a less than luxurious cruise liner on New Year’s Eve and is told from the perspective of a handful of characters. Each chapter represents a characters view of the events that are unfolding and snippets into their pasts which often are marred by bad things they have done or been witness to. Also on the cruise is Celine Del Ray whom made an appearance in The Three as a psychic trying to help one of the families who had lost loved ones on Black Thursday.

I enjoyed this book. It moved quickly but what it did lack was getting to the good part where Day Four finally connected to The Three on a deeper level. Throughout the story there are points that hint at it but barely mention Black Thursday other than Celine of course.  It’s the last 50 -60 pages that I really liked and finally brought the Black Thursday event into the light but we still don’t get the full story on The Three. If you’ve read the book, you know who I’m talking about.

The last section explained a few things about the setting of the story and why Black Thursday is somewhat glossed over. I’m still wanting to know more about The Three and I recently read that Sarah Lotz is planning one more book, a prequel I believe, that will answer the questions about what The Three are and wrap it all up however, from the brief bit I read she is not planning on that in the near future and is taking a break from this storyline. Sigh. Just have to be patient and hope she isn’t going to be like George R.R. Martin or Patrick Rothfuss.

This was an enjoyable and quick read. I kind of wish I had read The Three again and then picked up Day Four right after. There are a few things that connected to the first book that I kind of remembered but I would need to read The Three again to fully get it all. Even though the book is under 350 pages, Lotz managed to get a lot of character development in and tell a good story that subtly connected to The Three.  As I said, the last 50 pages were the best and in some ways, I wish more of the book could have dedicated more of the story to the aftermath of the cruise from hell.


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