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Quarantine (2008)


The Gist

The InfectedJennifer Carpenter (Angela); Steve Harris (Scott); Jay Hernandez (Jake); Johnathon Schaech (George); Rade Serbedzija (Yuri)


My Take: Oh dear god no!!!  Found footage again.  Ok, so this will be the last one of these types of movies for at least a few posts.  On with it then. Reporter Angela Vidal and her cameraman Scott are spending the night taping a news segment in a fire station (tough assignment) when a quiet night turns into a living nightmare following a call to an apartment building where one of the residents is in need of help.  Angela and Scott and the firefighters are not prepared for what ensues as the woman acts erratically and violent and attacks one of the cops on the scene.  Chaos, confusion and horror unfold for the reporter, the residents and the emergency personnel as they face an unknown virus spreading through the group and are locked, or rather sealed in the building, facing a gruesome death at the hands of the infected inside or being shot by the quarantine enforcing squad that has surrounded the building outside, keeping anyone from leaving.  Not exactly an ideal situation but Angela and Scott keep the cameras rolling to document the bloody events.

quarantine (1)

I watched Quarantine then Rec (the Spanish film that this flick is an Americanization of) and was surprised that the American version was nearly identical to the original, at least from what I remember.  I haven’t seen Rec 2 but I really enjoyed Rec 3 (in all its over the top goodness) and Quarantine 2 was decent.  It’s interesting to watch the evolution and spread of the this terrifying disease.


Final Thoughts: I enjoyed this flick.  The thought of being trapped inside with rabid savage people, not able to leave and with nowhere to hide is not a nice way to die.  There are some good scares, the infected are gross, lots of gore, good acting although I got sick of hearing Angela screaming and the story is simple yet effective in evoking the feeling of being trapped and pretty much doomed to die in one unpleasant form or another.

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