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Welcome 2014


So here it is, one year has ended and another begins.  2013 was a year like most others, some of it was good, some was not so good.  Yet another new job in the same company but this one I think is going to last.  It’ll be 5 years in June with the same company and I finally found a position that I enjoy and I think I’m doing ok in.

Lord Byron

So what are the plans for 2014?  The usual I suppose.  Read more (50 books for the year is my goal); write more; experience more of what life has to offer; find time to enjoy life more in general.  Don’t worry about the little things, don’t get annoyed or pissed off about things that don’t matter in the long run.  Stop worrying all the time, don’t fret over what other people think and do, it’s not worth the stress.  Find a stronger voice and be more assertive. Relax, live and write.

Have a happy and joyful New Year and enjoy all that life has to offer.



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