The Novel


Chimera: After the Flesh (Book One)

So here it begins.  My first (and only) novel written to date.  What will follow are completed chapters going through the second re-write.  Although they aren’t really formal chapters and as I have been going through it, I have been changing the structure.  I guess you can say this is my novel, my way.

It took me two years to finish the first draft and I completed it in November.  Now it will get the attention it deserves as I edit and post and, edit and post, rinse and repeat.  It isn’t going to pretty as the editing phase is going to be a work in progress, building up to self-publishing. The opening will be posted shortly and I’m not calling it a prologue as I ditched the original one, not loving it at all.  I welcome all comments, tips and critiques.

Denise (a.k.a Dawning Creates)




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