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Rose Red (2002)

Rose Red

The Gist:  A Group of paranormally gifted people and a college professor head to a reportedly haunted mansion named Rose Red in the pursuit of awakening the spirits and getting physical proof of the supernatural.  The hope of connecting with the other side lies in an autistic girl with extraordinary abilities.

Ghost Hunters of Seattle: Nancy Travis (Prof. Joyce Reardon), Matt Keeslar (Steve Rimbauer), Kimberly J. Brown (Annie Wheaton), Melanie Lynskey (Rachel Wheaton), Matt Ross (Emery Waterman), Julian Sands (Nick Hardaway), Kevin Tighe (Victor Kandinsky), Emily Deschanel (Pam Asbury)


My Take: Another King miniseries written as a script for production and not taken from an existing novel or short story.  Parapsychology Professor Joyce Reardon is determined to prove the existence of ghosts and the supernatural with a weekend jaunt to the sprawling and haunted Rose Red mansion in Seattle.  She brings with her a group of psychics and supernaturally charged people (and her boyfriend Steve Rimbauer, the owner of Rose Red who is selling it) and an autistic girl, Annie Wheaton, whom Joyce believes is the key to unlocking the houses secrets and permanent residents.


I love the house in this show; grandiose and beautiful.  That is pretty much the best part of the miniseries.  The story is a good old haunted house yarn with psychics thrown in to activate it but because it’s a haunted house with those uber people, there is nothing new here.  There’s variation on characters and locale and a history of the former residents and why the mansion is spooky but it really was like too many other stories that have traveled this path.  I didn’t really care for the characters or the acting, both were weak and hollow with the exception of the brilliant Julian Sands.  And it is clear that this tale was inspired by the Winchester Mystery House with the lady of house insisting on the building of the home to continue with no end and the strange rooms and quirky attributes.

Yah or Nah: Sadly, this is Nah.  I love the house but for me, that is all that this mini has going for it.  I’ve included a link to some info on the house that was used for Rose Red: Thornewood Castle.


2 comments on “Rose Red (2002)

  1. Parlor of Horror
    February 11, 2013

    Defintely a sub-par King effort. Quite dissappointing, the characters were cardboard cut-out one dimenesional, the scares were far and few between.


    • Dawning
      February 12, 2013

      Indeed. The skeletal ghost thing of the actress was pretty bad.


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