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When The Dead – Michelle Kilmer (Book Review)


The zombie apocalypse has come to Seattle and wrecks havoc on the city and those still living who are trying to wait it out.  But who are the real monsters – the zombies of the survivors.

I don’t read a lot of zombie novels, sticking to short stories mostly, but I have to say I am highly impressed with this offering by Seattle writer Michelle Kilmer.  After trying to read Rise of Governor by Robert Kirkman and Jay Bonansinga (I stopped because I can’t stand the writing), it was refreshing to read a story that flowed and had a host of characters that you started to like and thought could be redeemed but then they would do something reprehensible and you would hate them (Vaughn).

The story starts out with the beginning of the zombie plague, people not sure yet what is happening but getting ready for a short period of disorder, which quickly turns to chaos and anarchy and a city overrun by the living dead.  The focus of novel is on an apartment block and the handful of residents who have barricaded it and are trying to avoid infection but battling lack of food and each other. There were moments that were surprising and unnerving in their brutality and it made me wonder how I would react in that situation.  The dichotomy between feeling attached to the characters and wanting them to succumb to the plague or the survival instinct to live at any cost, made this book engaging and hard to put down (I finished in less than 2 weeks, that’s quick for me).

I don’t really have any criticisms about this book except that I wanted to know the full conclusion to all the characters. But that’s just me wanting a tidy end to a zombie apocalypse.

I understand that Michelle Kilmer is  in the process of releasing another book and I will picking it up as soon it is released.  I highly recommend this zombie tale as it is engaging and entertaining and gives the reader plenty of cringe worthy moments. 

Thank you to Lyle Schultz, one of my favourite artists, for introducing me to this book and this great author. When The Dead 5 out of 5


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