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American Horror Story Asylum: The Name Game


Finally, a show has returned after the mid-season break and it was a good one with a couple of story lines ending; the tell-tale sign that the beginning of the end of the season is upon us with only 3 episodes left.

Here there will be spoilers

When we left Briarcliff, Monsignor Howard was crucified and facing the Dark Angel but she did not take him.  She told him that he still has work to do, he has to save Sister Mary Eunice from the demon. Meanwhile Judy Martin a.k.a Sister Jude is not doing well under the tyranny of Sister M.E. who has replaced the singing French nuns (damn it, now the song is in my head) with a jukebox.  Jude gets an especially high dosage of electro shock therapy and becomes somewhat catatonic and mushy in the head.  This does however, give the opportunity for a musical number.  Jude puts on the song The Name Game and everything brightens up as she and the other residents of the asylum start singing and dancing including Kit and Lana.  It grates on my nerves when TV shows do musical numbers.

Lana feels sorry for Jude but she has her own problems to deal with as Dr. Thredson rolls into the rec room.  Sister Mary Eunice has made him the resident shrink at Briarcliff and now he can keep an eye on Lana and his unborn son.  And speaking of sons, Oliver is skulking around Arden’s office in search of sodium pentothal to use on Kit when he finds Grace giving birth and Pepper delivering the baby.  Odd but Oliver uses the extraordinary circumstances to his advantage and obviously isn’t alarmed by the turn of events.  You know that Grace is not dead, she is giving birth well before 9 months is up and Pepper is totally sane and looked pregnant but that wasn’t mentioned; maybe I was seeing things. Oliver uses this as leverage against Kit to get the tape that he and Lana made of Oliver confessing to being Bloody Face. Oliver takes Kit to Grace and the baby and I’m guessing tells him to give up the tape or he will do bad things to his woman and baby.  Oliver goes to retrieve the tape and it’s not there.  Lana tells him that she is the only one who knows where it is and can make it public so he better behave (or something like that). Side note: While Jude is drooling in the rec room, the Mother Superior pays her a visit and Jude points to Lana and tells Mother that she doesn’t belong in Briarcliff and that she put her there.American-Horror-Story-Season-2-Episode-10-The-Name-Game-550x412

And now the close out of some of the story lines.  As I mentioned many words ago, Timothy is visited by the Dark Angel and told he has to free Sister Mary Eunice from the demon.  His first attempt does not go well as he is still weak from being crucified and he ends up losing his virginity as the Nun violates him.  He is guilt ridden and ashamed and ready to be strong to end the demon’s reign.  After a one-sided conversation with Jude in which he tells the mushy minded former nun what happened, Timothy confronts the demon again but Sister Mary Eunice is able to rise to the surface and beg to be free.  Timothy frees her by tossing her over the banister.  Did I mention they were standing at the top of the stairs.

Arden is devastated.  Flashback, Arden had walked in on Sister M.E. and the good Monsignor doing the dirty which crushed him.  So much so, that he went into the woods and killed his zombies or cannibals or mutant whatevers.  Sister Mary Eunice was disgusted by his pathetic love-lorn and heartbroken state and walked away from him.  Well, love-lorn is too gentle a word for how Arden felt about her.  After her death, Arden convinces Timothy that Sister Mary Eunice should be cremated to burn the remnants of the demon from her body.  The end of the demon story line and Sister M.E. comes with Arden mounting her corpse and rolling into the flames of the cremation oven with his beloved.

Final Thoughts: I liked this episode, even with the annoying musical number, because it ended some of the meandering story lines.  This is what I like about American Horror Story, the self-contained seasons.  You know that by the end of the season questions will be answered and everything will be wrapped up.  I’m anxious to see if they explain what the hell the aliens are up to and why Kit is so important to them and I can’t wait for the Bloody Face story line to conclude.  Who is the modern-day Bloody Face: Is it Oliver’s son; is it Kit’s son or is it an alien baby?


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