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My First Award – The Versatile Blogger Award

Well, this is a surprise and an honour and a huge amount of thanks go to Mr. John Mountain from Written in Blood for this gracious and thoughtful award.


This is my first award and there are some rules for being honoured by a fellow blogger, such as this post to announce the award and displaying the award proudly on my blog (there it is, see, see?)  On we go to the next step which is nominating 15 other bloggers for this recognition and messaging them to let them know I think they are great.  Let’s do this thing!



Laird Barron


Cheryl Moore Stories and Poems


Ghost Cities

Writer Beware ® Blogs!

Nutty Kitchen


Nightmare Mode

Jeroen Witvliet

Books: A True Story

Total Vibration

Book Matchers

Done and done.  The final step is to share 7 interesting facts about myself.  Umm….does that count as one?

1)  I collect dolls but not just any kind of dolls, Living Dead Dolls.

2) I enjoy playing Magic The Gathering with my husband

3) I’m a reformed WoW player

4) I have a weird obsession with buying notebooks and journals and not using them because typing is easier and my handwriting is illegible

5) It took me 2 years to finish writing my first novel (and it will probably take another 2 years to edit it)

6) Anne Rice and Poppy Z. Brite were the two authors who influenced me as a young writer

7)  I have an 18-year-old daughter (soon to be 19) who is a lovely and talented model

Well, those are facts about me.  It’s your call if they are interesting.

Once again, a big thanks to Written in Blood for this award.



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