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The Season So Far…2012 TV Review

Cue Carry On My Wayward Son by Kansas…no?  Anyway, here is what 2012 had to offer for T.V.  Some have called it a season, others are taking us into the new year and some have perished.

Game of Thrones – Oh so much doom continues to befall Westeros.  Another stellar season let us loyal viewers see Dany’s dragons breathe fire and rescue her from enslavement and confinement and the last scene of the season with the army of white walkers was kick ass.  And joy, only 3ish months until the 3rd season starts. I still find the books boring.


Sons of Anarchy – Just like Game of Thrones, more doom and depression hits the MC in Charming.  This season had some truly shocking moments (I can think of 2 with Otto) and just when things are starting to look like they are settling down, the shit hits the fan to end it off.  I have to say I like the addition of Jimmy Smits as Gemma’s new toy Nero and my god, Jax has become brutal, cold and is showing his brilliance as President.  One of the most entertaining scenes was seeing Walton Goggins play a transsexual and watching Tig salivate over him/her?

Homeland – Another gripping season of Homeland found Brody’s split personality working over time and reuniting with Carrie.  I rather liked the introduction of Peter Quinn and the ending was so good.  All is happy, oh wait everyone’s life is thrust into despair.

Justified – I was very pleased with Season 3 of Justified as Raylan was back to his old cowboy self and was more like Season 1 Raylan.  Between Timothy Olyphant and Walton Goggins, this show is full of great one liners and swagger.  And double joy, Season 4 is starting on January 8.  Girly squeal.


The League – Season 4 and I still think this is the funniest show on TV.  And the recurring appearance of Rafi makes it that much better and hilariously disturbing.  One thing I will say about this season was that the actual fantasy football stuff was not very overt.  Gattaca!

The Walking Dead – The show is finally living up to the comic books.  The season is about half over and we are being forced to wait until February for the rest of it. The Governor, Michonne and Tyrese have finally been brought in and Merle Dixon has returned.  So far, best season yet.


American Horror Story Asylum – The much-anticipated follow-up season to Ryan Murphy’s hit, I have been somewhat disappointed by this season.  I like the idea of the haunted asylum and the killer Bloody Face but there is too much going on, too many diverting story lines and fucking aliens. It still gets a nod because I love the casting and the feel of the show.

Supernatural – I was very disappointed with Season 7 but so far Season 8 is slowly winning me back.  The saving graces are the introduction of Benny the vampire and the recurring appearances of Crowley and Castiel.  The downfall is the whole flashback to Sam’s “normal” life.  I am finding that just so dull.


The Big Bang Theory – Yes, this has been on for 6 years but I only started watching it this past summer and I love it.  Every time I hear the name Penny, I think of Sheldon knocking on her door (Penny from The Walking Dead, at work).  And I like the soft kitty song.

The Finder – Cancelled – I really liked The Finder and I was quite disappointed when it was cancelled shortly before the passing of one of its stars, Michael Clarke Duncan. There wasn’t anything new by way of crime drama/comedy as it was created by Hart Hanson, the man behind Bones.  The detective was brilliant and couldn’t leave a case unfinished (kind of like Sherlock?) but it was still an enjoyable watch and the characters were likable.

Honourable Mention: Breaking Bad (last season divided by a year, boo); House of Lies; Veep; The Newsroom; Sherlock; Shameless; Wilfred; Face Off; Arrow (it fills the gap and he has his shirt off in all of the episodes, except for one so far).

And 4 years after it ended I finally watched The Shield and loved it!  Highly recommend this series, especially to anyone who watches SOA and/or Justified.


 Not So Honourable Mentions: 

Alcatraz – Cancelled – Ok, it wasn’t a great show and the lead actress was not really likable but I liked the idea that a bunch of prisoners and guards disappeared 49 years earlier and were then returned for some mysterious reason.  The individual stories were interesting and I like Sam Niell and Jorge Garcia.

The River – Cancelled – Another doomed supernatural/sci-fi offering on Network TV (they seem to not do well) this show was brought to us by Oren Peli and Michael R. Perry (Paranormal Activity & Paranormal Activity 2).  The show was a found footage offering that takes the viewer with a TV crew journeying down the Amazon River in search of a missing documentary, reality TV star.  Again, an interesting concept and decent acting but it took too long to get to the good parts.



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