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A Good Soldier: Ch. 20 – Martyr, Hero, Fool

  The first drops of rain were light and came from a mostly cloudless sky.  The cool water was a welcome relief to the dryness that had seeped into my … Continue reading

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TV Goodness: Fall 2014 – Part 2 – October Premieres

Stalker (Series Premiere) – October 1 Criminal Minds (S.10) – October 1 Gracepoint – October 2 The Originals (S.2) – October 6 The Flash (Series Premiere) – October 7 Supernatural … Continue reading

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TV Goodness: Fall 2014 – Part 1 – September Premieres

The 2014 Fall TV season has begun!  Here is what I’m looking forward over the next couple of months starting with September. The League (S.6) – September 3 Sons of … Continue reading

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Oculus (2013)

The Gist The Mirrored: Karen Gillan (Kaylie); Brenton Thwaites (Tim); Katee Sackhoff (Marie); Rory Cochrane (Alan); Annalise Basso (kid Kaylie); Garrett Ryan (kid Tim) My Take:  Is it just me or are we lacking some truly good horror movies these days?  It … Continue reading

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A Good Soldier: Barriers (Ch.19)

There it stood, the final obstacle shambling about and stopping my brilliant plan of escape.  The fence on its own could possibly be climbed but the barbed wire would make … Continue reading

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A Good Soldier: Family Reunion (Ch. 18)

“Get on your knees Henning.” Langley stepped over the body of Simmons and stood a couple of feet in front of me, gun leveled at my chest.  I heard quiet … Continue reading

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Open Grave (2013)

The Gist Killers or Victims: Sharlto Copley (Jonah); Thomas Kretschmann (Lukas); Josie Ho (Brown Eyes); Joseph Morgan (Nathan); Erin Richards (Sharon); Max Wrottesley (Michael) My Take:  I was excited to see this flick after viewing the trailer back in January and finally, … Continue reading

August 10, 2014 · 1 Comment

Dead of Night; The Troop; Coldbrook (3 Book Reviews)

As it has been awhile since I posted, here are 3 book reviews.  Vampiric worms, other dimensional zombies and good old science messing with Mother Nature abound in 3 different … Continue reading

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Doc of the Dead (2014)

  Zombie Masters: Max Brooks; Tom Savini; Bruce Campbell; Simon Pegg; Robert Kirkman; Fran Kranz; Greg Nicotero; George A. Romero  The Gist My Take: I love a good documentary about horror movies and this one specifically takes … Continue reading

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Dracula Untold (October 17, 2014)

What’s this, another adaptation of the Dracula story.  Try not to roll your eyes too much, this one looks pretty damn good with a real kick-ass vampire.  Dracula Untold takes … Continue reading

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