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The Canal (2014)

Ghosts & Psychos: Rupert Evans (David); Hannah Hoekstra (Alice); Antonia Campbell-Hughes (Claire); Calum Heath (Billy) The Gist: Archivist David is happily living his life with wife Alice and young son Billy but underneath he feels that Alice is distancing herself … Continue reading

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The Happening

No, not that terrible movie with Marky, Marky – rather where have I been and what is going on these days.  I wouldn’t say I have writer’s block in the … Continue reading

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A Good Soldier: The Last Sunrise (Ch. 32)

 The first steps were slow as my body groaned from the accident and lying in the cold all night.  I went to Tony and looked down at his closed eyes, … Continue reading

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A Good Soldier: Dawn (Ch.31)

Murmurs and the bone chilling cold through my back woke me a few hours later.  The cave, this sanctuary, was going to be more dangerous than the zombies, starvation or … Continue reading

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Can bad books be good?

Now that I’ve got your attention.  In honour of Valentine’s Day, or Saturday as we call it, here is a re-post of my opinion on books like Fifty Shades of Grey, … Continue reading

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A Good Soldier: Bent & Broken (Ch.30)

Heidi was watching the road, cruising along at a higher speed than she probably should have given the wet road conditions.  She only looked away for a few seconds and … Continue reading

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A Good Soldier: Cave People (Ch.29)

We walked hunched over for what felt like miles.  My head swan in and out of darkness unable to focus as I let Heidi control my movements.  I didn’t care … Continue reading

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A Good Soldier: Road Tripping (Ch.28)

The van moved through the woods, bumping along the rutted muddy road, eventually turning to asphalt at some point which I barely noticed.  Tony passed out shortly after being tossed … Continue reading

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Gone Girl (2014)

The Gist Liars & Cheaters: Ben Affleck (Nick Dunne); Rosamund Pike (Amy Dunne); Carrie Coon (Margo Dunne); Kim Dickens (Detective Rhonda Boney); Neil Patrick Harris (Desi Collings) My Take: I was really looking forward to seeing this flick after reading … Continue reading

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A Good Soldier: Escape Route (Ch.27)

The living room was a madhouse of bodies and gore and Tony was on the other side of it pinned against the door, blocking our way out.  I couldn’t tell … Continue reading

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